Marylin Newell
Women's Event Speaker
Bible Teacher
Christian Counselor
Life Coach

With a focus on creating strategies for future success,

Life or Business Coaching 
can help you set a path toward achieving your professional or personal goals
as you seek to follow God's call on your life.

Life Coaching  

Coaching is a series of conversations between two individuals (coach and client).  The purpose of the conversations is to enable clients to examine some aspect of their life they are hoping to improve using critical thinking, logic, and reason.  Clients reflect on how they feel about what they learn, then work with their coach to set goals for managing that area of their life more powerfully.

Coaching is based on the Socratic method of inquiry—a method of questioning beliefs and assumptions and their resulting behaviors—life coaching provides a supportive and safe partnership for self-assessment and self-improvement.  In a relationship of mutual respect and trust, clients can examine whether they are letting past failures, fears, or negative beliefs about themselves or others influence their ability to accomplish what they hope to accomplish in life.

A coach is a skilled listener who provides objective feedback and insight during the conversation, generally by asking very direct questions designed to help you critically assess your current belief to see how the way you think is influencing your ability to achieve your goals.

Coaching Qualifications

A student of transformation since 1999,  Marylin began a private coaching practice in 2005 and has coached extensively challenging her clients to live life to the fullest by overcoming their fears and moving through the things that stop them from living the life they love. Her passion for and experience with the work of transforming lives is enhanced by an extensive understanding of biblical principals and the psychology of human behavior. Marylin holds a Masters degree in Adult Education with a concentration in Counseling.   

Want More Information?

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Professional Coaching
With over 35 years of experience in business, Marylin Newell, offers coaching designed to improve your professional life. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners, professional coaching will aid you in developing strategic business plans and implement tactical strategies to manage your professional life more effectively.

A consultative process that focuses on implementing effective strategies, professional coaching will hold you accountable for getting the results you want.

Rate: $300 per month. Includes 3 phone sessions and unlimited e-mail support between sessions. A 6 month commitment required. 

Business Coaching Qualifications

Marylin Newell holds a PhD in Organization and Management and is a certified Continuous Improvement Career Coach.  With a solid background as a business CEO and owner of a number of businesses throughout her career, Dr. Newell has the expertise to help you improve your business results by setting and achieving solid business goals.