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Event Speaker
In addition to topical bible studies, after dinner and keynote presentations based on biblical principals, Marylin Newell presents a number of seminars on topics suitable for churches, small groups, or weekend retreats. Topics include Dejunk Your Life, EPIC Seminars, Finding Your Purpose, Lead Like Jesus, and more.  See brief descriptions below. 

Not finding a topic that fits your need? Let me know and I will work with you to deliver exactly the type of event your group needs.  
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Dejunk Your Life
Feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter in your life?  During this workshop, you will learn why your life is cluttered and what to do about it.  Discover practical tips for sorting through not only the stuff that clutters your house, but also the stuff that clutters your mind and heart.  A must-do workshop for anyone who has ever been discouraged by TMS (too much stuff)! Ideal for 1-day retreats.

EPIC Seminars
EPIC stands for Experiencing Power in Christ. EPIC Seminars are group coaching experiences designed to increase your ability to fully live the Christian life.  EPIC topics include Freedom through Transformation, Self-Exploration, Interpersonal Relationships, and Building an EPIC Marriage.  Churches and other groups may request a 2-hour Introduction to EPIC Seminars as a way of understanding how the seminars work and what participants can expect during a seminar series. The introduction lays the scriptural foundation for future seminars and introduces the fundamental premises on which the seminars are built.  

Finding Your Purpose
Purpose can be defined as your potential, your calling, or an  expression of the divine.  If busyness, the opinions of others, low self-image, fear, or material things are standing between you and your purpose, get ready for a breakthrough experience.  Finding Your Purpose  will open up your thinking and set you on the path to a life guided by purpose. 

Lead Like Jesus Encounter
Lead Like Jesus Encounters are ideal for Christian business leaders, lay church leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, women's groups, small groups, and others who are responsible for influencing others in their church, ministry, home, or at work.  Life Matters President Marylin Newell is the certified Lead Like Jesus Facilitator for the Encounters which can be offered in a three-day retreat format or a one-day intensive seminar. Lead Like Jesus training will change the way you see yourself as a leader of others.  For more information about the Lead Like Jesus movement, 
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